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May 23, 2019
Lamb and haloumi burgers on wooden board.


A good burger and fries is one of my favourite meals to indulge in. These lamb and haloumi burgers with kumara fries are sure to go down a treat! Next on the menu is chicken, roasted beetroot and feta salad, with pearl couscous, pinenuts and mint. Yum! Finish the week with vegetarian stuffed butternut. It’s just as good as a meaty version with mince.
May 16, 2019
Two bowls of sausage and roast veggie salads with caramelised onion dressing.


First on the menu this week is an easy seafood version of my favourite Indian curry - fish tikka masala on turmeric rice. Then there’s sausage and roast veggie salads with a delicious homemade caramelised onion dressing. Finish off the week with a simple, very family-friendly chicken noodle stir fry.
May 9, 2019
The steak in these Korean steak tacos is so moreish! A really simple and flavoursome meal. It might just become a regular in your household!


Roasted tandoori spiced tempeh and chickpeas combine with rice, feta and a tangy, fresh salad in these tempeh fusion bowls. Next up is creamy chicken spaghetti. It looks indulgent but is actually reasonably healthy! The star meal this week is Korean steak tacos - they’re oh so moreish, simple and flavoursome.
May 2, 2019
This easy potato top pie is loaded with mince, veggies and cheese, and topped with moreish potato gems. Just the warming meal you need on a cold evening!


Get ready for some easy meals this week! First up are fun, tasty and filling Mexican chicken lettuce wraps. Then there’s the easy potato top pie, with mince, veggies, cheese and moreish potato gems - yum! Finish the week with salmon and cream cheese pizzas, inspired by my recent trip to Golden Bay.
April 25, 2019
Grated tofu makes surprisingly delicious fritters! These tofu fritters have a hint of curry flavour and are served with quick pickled cucumber, cashews and a sweet chilli yoghurt sauce.


Start the week with a quick and easy Japanese-inspired miso chicken stir fry. Next on the menu is sausage, brie and caramelised leek frittata. It’s just a little gourmet and very filling. Tofu fritters are the final recipe this week, served with quick pickled cucumber, cashews and a sweet chilli yoghurt sauce.
April 11, 2019
This vegetarian creamy pumpkin pasta is such good comfort food! The garlic breadcrumbs add a delicious crunch. Grab yourself a bowlful and get cozy on the couch!


Try a quick and easy budget beef wellington, using a less expensive cut of steak and served deconstructed. Next on the menu is eggplant, bacon and haloumi salad. It’s loaded with delicious ingredients! Finish up the week with vegetarian creamy pumpkin pasta. It has garlic breadcrumbs for added crunch.
April 4, 2019
A variation on fish tacos, this salt and pepper fish on roti makes a delicious, filling meal. Wrap them up like a kebab, eat with your hands and it will feel like you’re treating yourself to takeaways!


Start the week off with salt and pepper fish on roti. It’s a delicious, filling meal. Next up is lamb and pesto pasta - super quick and easy, it’s like a cheats version of lasagne. Mediterranean roast chicken is the final recipe. Using butterflied chicken for quicker cooking, it’s served with roast kumara on a tasty salad.
March 28, 2019
Thai yellow curry is mild and creamy - a curry that the whole family will enjoy. This vegetarian version includes paneer, a fresh white cheese that is like a less salty version of haloumi.


For a delicious combination of indulgent and healthy, give the chicken, crumbed camembert and grape salad a go. The second meal on this week’s menu is Mexican bolognese - a Mexican twist on an Italian favourite! Finish the week off with a mild and creamy vegetarian Thai yellow curry.
March 21, 2019
The creamy, cheesy filling in these prawn filo pies is so good! Perfect paired with the light, crisp pastry and a flavoursome salad made with the last of the delicious summer produce.


Juicy tender pork stuffed mushrooms served with a rocket, and sundried tomato salad are the first meal on this week’s menu. Next up is tomato and basil chicken - a comforting dinner with a moreish side of parmesan crumbed broccoli. Then there's the creamy, cheesy prawn filo pies, paired with a fresh late summer salad. Happy cooking!
March 14, 2019
Satay chicken skewers are one of my favourite entrées when we go out to eat Thai food. This homemade version tastes very similar, but is turned into a full meal with the addition of rice and greens.


Beef, macadamia and kumara crisp salads are a quick and easy meal to start off the week. Next is satay chicken skewers - a homemade version of the popular Thai entrée, turned into a full meal. Then, enjoy a moreish vegetarian dinner of tandoori chickpea pizzas, using fluffy naan bread for the base.