Saving you from having to think about what to cook!
April 23, 2020

MENU 103

Start the week with a meatless Monday satay kumara salad. It tastes like a salad you would get at a café. Next up is a pearl couscous risotto with creamy mushrooms and juicy steak. Much easier than regular risotto! Finish the week with smoked chicken quiche. You can't go wrong with the combination of chicken, brie and cranberry!
April 16, 2020

MENU 102

What’s cooking this week? First up, chicken quesadillas. They’re stuffed with a fajita-style filling and plenty of cheese. Tuna salad sushi bowls are next on the menu. An easy alternative to homemade sushi! End the week with a well-loved Greek pasta dish - lamb pastitsio.
April 3, 2020

MENU 101

This week’s menu features longer shelf-life ingredients and basic pantry staples. First up is chicken pot pie, with a creamy filling and crispy pastry top. Next are chickpea fritters. They’re crisp and lightly spiced, served with an easy carrot salad. Finish the week with black pepper beef. It has a mouth-wateringly good sauce!
April 2, 2020

MENU 100

It's MENU 100! The first of this week's recipes is chicken with creamy leeks and kumara wedges. Next up is a mango and prawn salad with avocado, cashews and a honey lime dressing. Finish the week with the ultimate fakeaway - stuffed crust pizza!! The easy pizza dough is ready in just 5 minutes (no rising required).
March 26, 2020


If ever there was a time to get cooking, this is it! First on this week’s menu is antipasto chicken, loaded up with flavoursome ingredients. Curried mince is next up. It’s packed with Indian spices but eaten like nachos. End the week with a vegetarian (or vegan) noodle salad, with crispy tofu, crunchy cashews and a creamy peanut dressing.
March 19, 2020


It’s a menu full of 20 minute meals! First up, a salmon, beetroot and feta salad. Delicious AND full of goodness. Next are Greek chicken tacos. They’re a yummy fusion of Greek and Mexican cuisines - a nice change for Taco Tuesday. Finish the week with creamy broccoli gnocchi. It’s the perfect comfort food!
March 12, 2020


First on this week’s quick and easy menu is a Chinese chicken stir fry. It ticks all the boxes - simple, veggie-packed and not lacking in sauce. Bagel veggie stacks are up next. A delicious vegetarian meal loaded with pesto, mushrooms and haloumi. End the week with spaghetti bolognese, a true classic!
March 5, 2020


Menu 96 kicks off with lemon pepper fish bites. Serve with crispy roast spuds and a fresh salad. Lower carb lamb saagwala is next on the menu. It’s lightly spiced and a great way to eat your greens. Finish up the week with filo pastry sausage rolls. They’re deliciously moreish!
February 27, 2020


Chicken and barley salad is first on this week’s menu. The pearl barley is nutty and nutritious, and the peanut dressing adds pizazz! Next up is a cheesy polenta bake. It’s loaded up with sausages, mushrooms and spring onions. Finish the week with oven-baked vegetarian taquitos - a delicious Tex Mex meal.
February 20, 2020


Quick, easy and flavoursome is the theme of this week’s menu! First up, steak with balsamic tomatoes (and you can’t go wrong with cheesy mash). Next on the menu is a Mexican chicken salad. This summery lunch or dinner is fresh and light. End the week with bacon and prawn spaghetti. It’s simple AND delicious.