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July 12, 2021

MENU 143

Satisfy your comfort food cravings with beef cobbler. It features tender steak and vegetables in gravy, topped with golden cheesy scones. Next up, Mexican-style corn chip chicken salad, with a zesty cumin and lime dressing. Finish the week with a 20-minute miso ramen. It includes dumplings (yum!) and is cosy and nourishing.
June 21, 2021

MENU 142

What tasty meals are on the menu this week? First up, loaded smashed potatoes - a truly epic dinner! Then, enjoy an easy lime and ginger chicken stir fry served on brown, red and wild rice. Finish the week with mini fish pies. Golden bread cups filled with prawns, salmon and the easiest creamy sauce.
June 6, 2021

MENU 141

Welcome in winter with three nourishing, warm and delicious dinners. First on the menu is a red pepper chicken curry, served on stir fried basmati rice. Then, creamy one pot risoni is the perfect cold weather comfort food. Round out the week with Moroccan-spiced kumara and lentil fritters.
May 9, 2021

MENU 140

What deliciousness is on the dinner table this week? First up, pesto salmon. Tasty and nutritious, with heaps of greens! For a crowd pleasing dinner, you can’t go past a crispy chicken salad. So yum! Finish the week with a simple (and moreish) roasted carrot tart, with lamb sausages and salad greens.
April 26, 2021

MENU 139

This week’s recipes are twists on popular meals. Teriyaki chicken bento boxes are first up. They're guaranteed to go down a treat! Next: beef burger wraps - a great way to transform an everyday burger into something a little more exciting. End the week with the ultimate comfort food - macaroni cheese (with hidden veggies!).
April 12, 2021

MENU 138

Here’s a menu of easy meals! Garlic steak and potatoes is our first recipe - the simple garlic butter sauce transforms it into a delicious meal. Prawn fajita bowls are next. They taste really good, but are also low effort and easily customisable. End the week with a cheat’s spinach and ricotta lasagne, assembled in just 5-10 minutes.
March 29, 2021

MENU 137

Chicken and pumpkin salad is first on this week’s menu. The maple mustard dressing doubles as a coating for the moreish pretzel topping. Golden crumbed tofu burgers are next - oven baked rather than fried. End the week with a warm butterflied lamb salad. It’s loaded with greens, pearl barley and feta.
March 15, 2021

MENU 136

What’s on the menu? First up, steak and potato stacks, featuring crispy potato rounds, roasted veggies, juicy steak and basil aioli. Asian duck salad is next. Load it onto homemade rice paper puffs and top with roasted cashews. Finish the week with vegetarian filo parcels - they’re a great weeknight dinner.
February 25, 2021

MENU 135

This has to be one of my favourite Y.U.M menus! Start the week with super juicy, flavourful Swiss chicken, served with a tasty salad. Thai pork noodles are next - Asian-style comfort food that’s very family friendly. Then, enjoy quick and easy fish finger wraps. They don’t skimp on the veggies, and they taste great too!
February 18, 2021

MENU 134

Tamarind chicken is first on the dinner table this week. It’s sweet yet sour and pairs perfectly with eggplant, peanuts and fluffy rice. Fragrant beef and lentil salad is next, with golden haloumi, almonds and balsamic soy dressing. End the week with a simple roasted feta and beetroot pasta, topped with crispy breadcrumbs.