August 22, 2019

YOUR ULTIMATE MENU 73   |   26th AUGUST 2019

What’s cooking this week? The first recipe is a super simple chicken tray bake. Throw it together, then pop it in the oven and enjoy some free time while it cooks! Next up are vegetarian burritos. Loaded with veggies, beans and cheese, they’re a great meal to get the family helping with. Finish the week with a beef and soba noodle salad. It features caramelised cashews for extra deliciousness.

If you’re following a gluten-free diet, you’ll be pleased to know that this week’s menu is really easy to make gluten-free, with only minimal substitutions needed.

RECOMMENDED ORDER OF MEALS (for best variety and use of fresh ingredients):
Chicken Tray Bake • Vegetarian Burritos • Beef and Soba Noodle Salad.

BEST OVERALL WINE MATCH (if you only want to buy one bottle for the 3 meals!):
I would go for a Pinot Gris.

Wondering what to do with leftover cashews? Try these tofu fritters. They're also great with feta added!

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