August 15, 2019

YOUR ULTIMATE MENU 72   |   19th AUGUST 2019

This week’s menu features two quick and easy meals ready in 30 minutes, and one longer (but very delicious) recipe.

First on the menu is Indian spiced fish. It’s delicately spiced rather than hot and spicy, and perfect served with Indian-style fried rice. Next up is a warm chicken salad. It has maximum flavour from just a handful of ingredients. Even if you don’t typically like some of these ingredients, I’d still encourage you to give the salad a try! Finish off the week with a true classic - lasagne. I’ve added lentils to stretch the mince further but honestly think it tastes just as good!

RECOMMENDED ORDER OF MEALS (for best variety and use of fresh ingredients):
Indian Spiced Fish • Warm Chicken Salad • Lasagne.

BEST OVERALL WINE MATCH (if you only want to buy one bottle for the 3 meals!):
Either a Pinot Noir or an off-dry Riesling will work.

If you have some sundried tomato dip left over, you could use it in place of the pesto in these chargrilled chicken sandwiches. Purchased a whole cauliflower? Use the remaining half in this chicken korma curry.

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