May 3, 2018

YOUR ULTIMATE MENU 7   |   7th MAY 2018

This week's meals are super easy, quick to make and full of flavour. Corn and prawn fritters offer a delicious twist on the original corn fritter, while classic creamy beef stroganoff will warm you up on a colder night. The Thai-style chicken salad is packed with flavour thanks to a very moreish peanut dressing - you might find it hard not to go back for seconds!
RECOMMENDED ORDER OF MEALS (for best variety and to maximise fresh ingredients):
Corn and Prawn Fritters • Creamy Beef Stroganoff • Thai Chicken Salad.

BEST OVERALL WINE MATCH (if you only want to buy one bottle for the 3 meals!):
A Chardonnay would be a good choice.

You might find you have some red cabbage left over. Create a new meal out of it by sautéing with a little butter, brown sugar and balsamic vinegar, then serve with mashed potato and your favourite sausages.


  1. Amanda says:

    The creamy beef stroganoff was divine……and even yummier the next day for lunch as well. Thanks

  2. Angela Gillespie says:

    Love this website. Use to get my food bag but didn’t like ordering before I knew the menu. This gives flexibility and a cheaper way to go buy own ingredients. Thank you so much!

    • Josie says:

      Wow, that’s awesome to hear Angela! Thank you for your feedback and so pleased that Y.U.M is working well for you 🙂

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