July 4, 2019

YOUR ULTIMATE MENU 66   |   8th JULY 2019

First up on this week's menu - teppanyaki-style salmon bowls. They don’t require cooking on a large hotplate, but are still loaded with all those yummy teppanyaki flavours. Then there’s the easy peanut chicken tacos (who says tacos have to be Mexican flavoured?!). Loaded with juicy flavoursome chicken, rainbow slaw and an irresistible creamy peanut sauce. The final recipe, easy meatballs, might seem like a strange combination of ingredients, but it works! A fuss-free, warming dinner. Happy cooking!
RECOMMENDED ORDER OF MEALS (for best variety and use of fresh ingredients):
Teppanyaki-Style Salmon Bowls • Peanut Chicken Tacos • Easy Meatballs.

BEST OVERALL WINE MATCH (if you only want to buy one bottle for the 3 meals!):
I would recommend a Pinot Noir.

If you enjoy the teppanyaki-style salmon bowls, give these Japanese teriyaki beef bowls a go. They're a good way to use up leftover sushi rice too.


  1. Rosie W says:

    Loved menu 66 meals. We had them last week and enjoyed every one of them. Our favourite was the peanut chicken tacos, closely followed by the salmon but all three were really good. All full of flavour and easy to make. Looking forward to trying this week’s menu which has just popped into my inbox. Thanks for making mealtimes so easy.

    • Josie says:

      That’s great! The tacos are my favourite too 😊 thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed this menu!

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