MENU 102
April 16, 2020

YOUR ULTIMATE MENU 102   |  20th APRIL 2020

What’s cooking this week? First up, chicken quesadillas. They’re stuffed with a fajita-style filling and plenty of cheese, of course! Tuna salad sushi bowls are next on the menu. An easy alternative to homemade sushi, with the added bonus of extra veggies. End the week with lamb pastitsio. This well-loved Greek pasta dish is similar to moussaka and lasagne. Enjoy!

P.S. Check out the notes below for suggestions on a fortnightly shop.

RECOMMENDED ORDER OF MEALS (for best variety and use of fresh ingredients):
Chicken Quesadillas • Tuna Salad Sushi Bowls • Lamb Pastitsio.

BEST OVERALL WINE MATCH (if you only want to buy one bottle for the 3 meals!):
Go for a Rosé.

I was hoping to have both Menu 102 and 103 out at the same time, so you could do a fortnightly shop like we did with the previous couple of menus. Unfortunately I've not had time!

Instead, I've selected two different combinations of popular existing recipes that don't use many fresh ingredients. Choose the option you like the look of most and that's your second week's menu! You'll just need to create the shopping list yourself (sorry!).


- Meatloaf (no changes required)
- Honey Soy Chicken (use frozen broccoli instead of broccolini)
- Creamy Tomato Soup (you can leave out the basil)


- Toad in the Hole (use frozen broccoli and leave out the kale)
- Creamy Pumpkin Pasta (use frozen kale or spinach)
- Butter Chicken (use frozen broccoli)

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